Short Form

Prose & Poetry

Waxing Moon

Vending Machine Press
Milky Way
The Greeks
Good Word

decomP magazinE

Cartridge Lit
The Unauthorized Guide
to Circles Drain

Unbroken Journal
Of Flies

Rupture Marketing & PR

Cheap Pop
Wide Ovals

Mixtape Methodology
In the Building

FreezeRay Poetry
Ico in High School
Burnt Out Nihil Tao

Music Writing

Mixtape Methodology
Michete: Strolling Rap’s Left Hand Path

Boots, Aquaria
Official Burnt Toast, Money is Debt (single)
Roots Manuva, Bleeds
Denai Moore, Elsewhere
MC Lars, The Zombie Dinosaur LP
Big Boi/Phantogram, Big Grams
Kyle Lucas, Marietta
k-os, Can’t Fly Without Gravity
Christian Rich, FW14
Blackalicious, Imani Vol. 1
Dr. Dre, Compton
Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge, 12 Reasons to Die II
Sean Anonymous & Dimitry Killstorm, Better Days
Royal, Royal EP


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