Worlds of Ruin


An Electronic Chapbook from Five Quarterly

When one plays a game, they inhabit what Johan Huizinga refers to as the ‘Magic Circle’–a world that exists with its own set of rules that the gamer must abide by. Worlds of Ruin is an experiment in what happens when that circle is broken: the quest-like nature and the brutality of the grind seeps into our every day lives in ways we don’t always expect. However, beyond the rubble, some magic has also found its way here, too.
-Brian Oliu, author of Leave Luck to Heaven and Enter Your Initials For Record Keeping

Open doors and descend. No pause. Just repeat. B.R. Yeager’s Worlds of Ruin delivers blood, dirt, bodies, infected desires, un-pretty things that gleam darkly, unexpectedly. This is a landscape of bodily fluids and fears painted in muted palettes and anti-heroes who find only the tiniest moments of respite and victory. Read this book as if it were a video game — keep playing and when you get to the end, begin again.
-Georgia Bellas, poet and creator of Mr. Bear’s Violet Saloon Hour podcast

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