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Yeager’s haphephobic protagonist /1404er/ has got over reality, family or the social and moved on – to a somewhat more tenable amnion of snuff porn, clickbait and casual online scapegoating. Amygdalatropolis inhabits our post-truth heterotopia like some virulent new literary life form, perfectly tooled for the death of worlds.
David Roden

Amygdalatropolis is a work of brilliant neurorealism in which the city is a Computer, a libidinal pornutopia voided of all bedeutung other than the residual, electronic prickling of sexual fear and auto-autistic aggression where software and synapse flicker in an endless algorithmic loop. Norburt Wiener’s apocalyptic steersman leads directly here: a psychopathological cyberutopia heading straight into the lake of fire.
Scott Wilson

Amygdalatropolis is a difficult read yet impossible to put down. It’s a fucking car crash, man. […] Everyone is fascinated with the morbid possibilities presented by the deep infiltration of computer technology into our lives and this book is a nauseous meditation on the same. […] Does the anonymity and availability provided by the internet encourage the worst in our natures, or is it just a very clean window?

-Ted Prokash, Joyless House Book Reviews

Introduction by Edia Connole.